The Collection

  • The Renaldo Kuhler collection is represented by Ricco/Maresca Gallery at 529 W. 20th St., New York. Please direct all acquisition inquiries to Kylie Ryu ( and/or Alejandra Russi ( Frank Maresca, part-owner of the Ricco/Maresca Gallery, is one of the leading experts on and collectors of outsider art in the country.

The Collection includes:

  • Works on paper rendered in ink, pencil, colored pencil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, and mixed media

  • Sketch books and diaries containing illustrations and original ornate calligraphy

  • Rocaterrania National Labor Service uniforms with hand-carved neckerchief slides and epaulets

  • Functional ornate smoking pipes contructed from scrap wood, twigs, laminated paper, and acrylic

  • Models, vials, containers and art objects hand carved and/or constructed from scrap wood and laminated paper

  • Functional violin constructed from scrap wood, hand carved and shaped, with laminated paper chin rest

  • Life-size mannequin modified with laminated paper, plaster, and paint into a three-dimensional model of 'Peekle Hannaford,' Renaldo’s favorite neutant

Brett Ingram is the proprietor and custodian of the collection, and director of the Renaldo Kuhler Archive.