Rocterrania is a small sovereign nation situated on the border of New York and Canada, populated mostly by Eastern European immigrants.

The nation has a unique government, military, language, alphabet, religion, public transportation infrastructure, prison system, labor service, summer camp program, movie industry, and a fully mapped geography of cities, mountains, lakes, rivers, and farmlands. It also has a political history fraught with turmoil and intrigue, one that mirrors Renaldo Kuhler’s own struggle for independence and freedom.

Renaldo Kuhler's fully imagined world is populated by scores of characters, including a royal family, politicians, religious figures, tyrants, scoundrels, neutants (androgynous humanoids), heroes and heroines, many with colorful backstories and dramatic character development.

Rocaterrania began as a monarchy when Renaldo was a teenager, trapped on the KZ Ranch and dependent upon his emotionally neglectful parents. As Renaldo gained independence by leaving the ranch, attending college, changing his name, and building a career, a succession of tyrannical regimes were overturned in Rocaterrania, eventually settling into a democratic socialism when Renaldo’s personal transformation was complete.

The depth of Renaldo's immersion in Rocaterrania was reflected in his personal attire, a National Labor Service uniform of his own design, comprised of a sleeveless suit jacket, matching vest, tight-fitting knee-length shorts, and a fleur-de-lis Boy Scout neckerchief. His decorative epaulets and neckerchief slides were hand carved from laminated paper. Gold wire-rimmed spectacles, white knee socks with Scottish garter flashes, black wingtips, black baseball hat, and black shoulder satchel completed his daily ensemble.